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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Rumored Disney World Free Dining Dates for 2018! - These Could Be The Dates


by: guide4wdw - Collin

Rumored Disney World Free Dining Dates for 2018! - These Could Be The Dates

Before we get started with today's post, I will say that at this point this should be considered solely as rumor. However, as many of you may know I am very careful about sharing strictly rumored information, but this is one of those releases that I know tends to be quite important to guests so I will make an exception and share whatever has been shared with me. With that being said, these dates could be perfect and they could be completely wrong so don't bank on this offer in the off chance that it does not pan out. Also worth considering is that these very well could be the international dates rather than strictly the US offer dates. The origination of this information is from a group of South American travel groups. With that also being said, this may not be identical to the US market but should give us a pretty solid idea of what to expect with a subtle variation in dates and potential resort offerings for the particular booking incentive. In the past, this has been one of the more reliable predictors in the realm of free dining.    

No matter what, there's a very high chance that the free dining structure will continue to be deluxe resorts receiving the regular dining plan while both moderate and value resorts would receive the quick service dining plan. If historical trends remain true, any guests booking the moderate or value resorts under this offer would be able to upgrade to a higher tier dining plan (Also true for regular dining upgraded to deluxe dining.)

As mentioned above, these dates have not been officially released by Disney but here's a good idea of what you can expect:

Booking Dates (when you can book your stay and receive the offer): 
4/27/18 to 7/7/18 

For stays: 
8/2/18 through 9/29/18 
11/24/18 through 11/27/18 
12/7/18 through 12/23/18   

In this case, the following resorts would be eligible for quick Service Dining Plans:

Disney's All Star Resorts
Disney's Pop Century Resort 

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort  
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort 

In regards to those that would receive Regular Dining Plans:

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort and Villas 
Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas  
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House and Kidani Village
Disney's Old Key West Resort 
Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows (Studios) - Possible 
Disney's Saratoga Springs 

When purchasing the package I would expect that the park hopper or park hopper plus option must be included in the package offer. 

A Few Notes About the Free Dining Offer:

First and foremost, these dates could change, but based on the previous years and information that is starting to circulate I would put this in the plausible rumor category. It is not confirmed in any way, but does truly fit the trend of previous years timeframes. Also, I would expect to see an earlier start for free dining this year. The proposed 8/2 start date could be a bit early but I would not be surprised if the start date is moved forward in order to fill early August reservations as students return to school and the summer rush starts to wrap up for the parks and resorts. 

Also worth noting, if you are looking to book a stay during this offer, try and book your entire stay within the stay window. If your check in date is before the offer dates begin, you will not receive the dining plan offer. Everything is based off of your arrival dates (or it has been in the past) so you could check in on the last day of the offer and still receive free dining for dates after the offer window ends as long as you check in before the stay window ends. It's a bit strange but could prove beneficial to you to know that information in the long run. 

Last but certainly not least, these are probably very comparable dates to what may be rolled out in the coming weeks but official confirmation should be arriving in the next 3 weeks (probably on a Monday morning or late Sunday Night if I had to guess). When these rates roll out, book the offer quickly because it notoriously sells out rapidly and there are only a set number of rooms available for the offer. As always, if you want to book this offer or work with someone who will be able to book it for you when and if the offer is officially unveiled we recommend Destinations to Travel (quote request form below) not only because they support the site but because they are who we use!

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