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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Updated: Disneyland Faces Power Outage - Multiple Rides Evacuated


by: guide4wdw - Collin

In a rare post about Disneyland out in California, we have an interesting story that is developing early this afternoon. According to Fox 11 Los Angeles, the Disneyland Resort lost power at 11AM PST and has led to many attractions in both Toontown and Fantasyland being evacuated.

The cause of the outage is believed to be a result of a broken transformer and there is not an estimated timeframe for power to be restored based on the current information being shared.

As is the case with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Disneyland is facing massive crowds as the year draws to a close and that could have played a role in the power failure. Each year, the Disney parks face peak crowds around Christmas and the New Year as guests are away from work and traveling. 

Today's power outage is a bit unique, but should be fixed for guests in the not so distant future. Again, we do not know how long the power outage will last, but the park is currently remaining open to guests and the parade is still being debuted to guests. As the story builds, I'll do what I can to update you on future changes to the parks operation status.

Update: 5:45 EST 
It appears as if a majority of attractions regained power at around noon PST but not all operations are running correctly (according to twitter some Fantasyland attractions remain without power). Just before the outage, it is being reported that the park reached capacity.  

Disney is actively working to restore power, but to my knowledge, at this time, the power remains in a failed state for at least a portion of the park.

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