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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Splash Mountain Closing For Minor Refurbishment in Early 2018


by: guide4wdw - Collin

Despite the rumors that have surfaced over the last few weeks, Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World will be closing for a secondary refurbishment in early 2018. While I understand many guests may be disappointed about this news based on their travel dates, I tend to be in the other crowd of individuals. Each and every time Disney has refurbished this attraction it has come back better than before. Animatronics get fixed, effects are altered, and the overall feel of the attraction is brought new life for guests to enjoy.

The listed dates for the closing are January 8th through February 1st of 2018. Of course, these should be treated as tentative dates simply because many refurbishment timeframes can be altered for various reasons within the company or unexpected delays occur. 

Splash Mountain is currently down for refurbishment at the time of writing this article, but is set to reopen after a 2 and a half month refurbishment on November 17th. The attraction typically undergoes a period of refurbishment in the winter months, but this year they will be reopening the attraction for the peak holiday vacation dates. Based on the quick closure after the holiday season, many have assumed that the original refurbishment will not be entirely completed by mid November, so they may be wrapping things up early in the new year.

I will certainly commend Disney, if this is the reality of the situation, for taking the holiday season into consideration in this ungoing process. Splash Mountain is a favorite attraction of many guests and it's good to see the guest perspective being taken into account, especially with the volume of visitors to the parks during that time frame. With all of that being said, these are set to be very minor refurbishment activities in the new year. 

However, if you or someone you know may be touring the parks at this designated time, you may want to prepare for this brief closing or share this information with them.  

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