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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Disney Shares New Discounts for Annual Passholders and Canadian Residents


by: guide4wdw - Collin

Every time I see a new Walt Disney World discount arrive, I do what I can to share it and save you a little money in any way possible. We all love heading to the parks, but it can certainly get expensive if you end up paying the standard rates. Thankfully, discounts like these are readily available and can help you save a little money in the booking process. 

To be quite honest, Disney's discounts haven't been quite as good as they once were, but a savings is a saving no matter how small (wow, that was like a Dr. Seuss sentence). In all reality, saving anything is better than giving away the extra cash involved in the vacation, so here's a closer look at what you could save as an annual passholder. 

Disney has not released a set percentage for this offer, but rather has debuted a sample price of rates as low as $74 per night (no tax included in that price) for most Monday-Wednesday night stays from January 8th to February 7th of 2018 at Disney's All Star Sports Resort. However, this discount can be applied to longer stays and stays at other resorts, there is just no publicized set discount for the offer (that I have seen). Also, the pricing is available January 1st through April 14th with a final booking date of the very last day of the offer, April 14th. 

Some resorts are excluded from the offer including many villas, all bungalows, and all cabins. 

For our Canadian Disney fans up north, Disney is offering up a 20% discount on tickets purchased between November 1st of this year and February 10th of next year. Tickets will be available for use from November 1st of this year through the end of next year (December 31st). The only regulation of the offer is that it must be a ticket that is 4 days in length or longer to be eligible. For Canadians, this may help make up for the currency differentiation and could really shrink some costs. 

While none of these appear to be super surprising discounts, you might as well take advantage of any that may apply to your given travel dates or potential travel options. If you have a resort booked, you may also want to call and check to see if rebooking with these discounts will save you any money. As always, if you need help booking feel free to use our quote request form below to reach out to our friends at Destinations to Travel and help us out with the costs associated with the site at no additional cost to you. As always, you are more than welcome to book through Disney directly as well and it will not affect the availably of these rates. 

Hopefully this will save you a little bit of money in some way or another and we'll get back to our normal articles tomorrow! Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day.  

Last but not least, we're considering a meet up in the parks in mid March so we can not only meet you but also so that you can meet each other. If anyone's interested, let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can work out.             

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