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Monday, November 27, 2017

Bob Chapek Reportedly A Top Choice As Iger's Successor - A Few Thoughts

by: guide4wdw - Collin

Today, a report from Bloomberg has largely hinted at the possibility of Bob Chapek, head of the parks and resorts division of the Disney company, becoming the frontrunner as Bob Iger's replacement. A short while ago, I took a closer look at the potential Iger replacements in an article called Disney CEO Bob Iger To Step Down in 2019: A Few Thoughts and Details. Personally, I shared my thoughts and opinions of the potential successors but inevitably Chapek came out at the top of my list as the most likely candidate.

Around the same time period as the previous article, it was announced that Iger will in fact be leaving his role with company after extending his leadership role into 2019. In the past, Iger attempted to develop a successor with both Jay Rasulo or Thomas Staggs. In the end, neither of the two candidates panned out as expected, so Iger continued on as CEO of the company we all know and love.

Personally, I see Chapek as a pretty good option. Beyond the push for intellectual property to arrive at the Disney parks and resorts internationally, when you look at the incredible success of the theme park segment over the last ten years, it's hard not to see Chapek as an incredible innovator with an appreciation for the guest experience. While he may not be the perfect successor, no matter if you liked Iger or not, you have to see Disney for what it is at it's core. It's a business like all others, but one that invites guests to experience something that cannot be found anywhere else. It's a place and a company that creates memories for guests. No matter who is the next leader of this unique business venture, we can be all but guaranteed that the innovation and history of the parks will continue on in the grand form which many of us have grown to love over the years.

Of course, any report coming for anyone but Disney themselves should be regarded simply as speculation. The company has and likely will remain fairly quiet regarding this aspect of the business for the foreseeable future, but with just over 19 months for the details to unfold, don't be surprised if Chapek remains in the conversation for quite some time.

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(Source: Bloomberg)

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