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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Disney's Halloween Fan Favorite Production "Hocus Pocus" Is Getting A Remake!


by: guide4wdw - Collin

After many years of speculation, it appears as if the fan favorite Halloween film "Hocus Pocus" will be getting a remake. The movie itself has grown and influenced many Disney World guests with it's somewhat recent addition to the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party event lineup. It's addition, in stage show format, has built upon it's prominent following of those who enjoyed the original production from the 90's. 

Each year, the stage show representation of the film at Magic Kingdom's Halloween parties is a huge hit with guests and a highlight of the experience for many. The characters are perfect for the Halloween style celebration and the feel of the parks, while bringing a bit of a classic back to life for guests who watched the film early on. It's inclusion has also created a new audience that may have never heard of Hocus Pocus before experiencing it in the Disney Parks. 

Personally, this is one of my all time favorite family friendly Halloween films. It's funny, it's a bit nostalgic, and in regards to the Disney parks, it's something guests of all ages can enjoy. 

Just recently, a spokesperson from Disney stated that a "Hocus Pocus" remake is in fact in the works. The film itself will feature a new cast (despite the social media disapproval) and will be debuted on the Disney channel rather than in the box office. Kenny Ortega, the director of the original production and many other Disney films, will not be directing the upcoming remake. All things considered, I would have liked to seen the original cast return, but it will be outstanding to see a new generation have the opportunity to experience the film in an entirely new way. At this point we know very little about the story or how close of a representation it will be of the original, but the film will soon become a reality once again.

Just as clarification, this is not an experience or new show coming to the parks but rather a reboot of the old movie which will debut on the Disney channel as mentioned above. 

(Source: Eonline)       

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