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Friday, September 8, 2017

Disney Has Debuted The New Club Mickey Mouse Mousketeers


by: guide4wdw - Collin

After a long and drawn out absence, we learned just a few short months ago that a variation of the original Mickey Mouse Club will be returning in a new concept called Club Mickey Mouse. 

While very few details have been released about the show itself, we do know that it will not be on a typical cable format. Instead, the show will be brought directly to consumers through Facebook and even potentially Instagram according to their post this morning. 

Also released today was a first look at the "Cast" of the upcoming series (see video below). While the show itself does not look all that similar to the original, it's a bit too early to get a good read on the potential story elements and plot line of this new iteration of the classic title. 

Personally, I'm of the generation that just barely missed the end of the "original" (or as close to original as we've seen in many years) show, considering it was concluded in 1994. In the early days of the group, Walt interacted with and helped set the production in motion. After it started to grow, he essentially handed it off to Bill Walsh (producer for Walt Disney Productions) and Hal Adelquist (assistant producer). The original show grew into an iconic audience of devoted Disney fans and became an iconic part of the Disney experience. Today's upcoming iteration could very well bring that same following to an entirely new generation. 

What do you think about the show returning on an entirely new distribution platform? Let us know in the comments on your favorite social media platform!   

As we continue to watch the weather down in Florida, we send our best wishes out to those of you who may be affected by the storm. If you have any questions regarding that situation at WDW, be sure to check out our current listing of closings and changes here: 
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(Source: Disney)

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