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Sunday, August 27, 2017

What Disney's Recent Casting Call Could Mean For The Future of the Parks


by: guide4wdw - Collin

Just a short time ago, Disney debuted a new listing on their Disney Auditions page looking for "Comedic Actors." The posting continues on to state that those who audition are attempting to attain a role as: "Male and Female Actors to portray wide-eyed and na├»ve “scientific interns”. Set in a laboratory environment, the warm and friendly “intern” enthusiastically supports various interactive audience experiences." 

Of course as a result of the posting, the rumors started rolling out quickly and aggressively pointing toward one particular attraction, Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Personally, as many of you may know, I don't like to share rumors, so today I'm simply going to share some thoughts on what this could signify and a variety of different options that could pop up in the future as a result of this listing. 

To be quite honest, I have no information about this listing beyond simply as it is stated on the Disney Auditions website. I don't claim to have any sources on any of the scenarios mentioned below, and we should all take into account that even cast members working for Disney (and likely working an attraction or area mentioned) typically have no information given to them about what's next. Even the closing of the Great Movie ride was unknown to the cast until a few weeks before it shut it's doors.

The Journey Into Imagination Concept Could Be True 
The Journey Into Imagination attraction is one that has been rumored to change for many many years. It has been a favorite of guests for generations, but slowly it has left the spotlight as many different changes have unfolded distancing it from it's original variation. In the early days, we had the Dreamfinder, and a vast majority of guests really appreciated the attraction and loved everything about it. As the years went on, the Dreamfinder was removed from the overall story and the attraction transformed concepts. Sadly, throughout the transformations, the current "ImageWorks" post show area was shrunk tremendously and lost a lot of guest interaction. For years you could wonder the area with many other guests and learn and try new things, but after quite some time and things getting outdated, guest demand for the space really faded away resulting in today's iteration of the area. Perhaps the most iconic portion of the experience upstairs (in the glass "pyramids") was lost much earlier on and has been recently transformed into a DVC member lounge. 

(Photo: Disney)

The casting call could very well point to a redo of this attraction and possibly the post show area as well. However, with the increase in merchandise featuring the iconic Figment character, I do not see the character going away entirely. It doesn't seem quite right to build the characters prominence in the park to simply remove the attraction entirely. For quite some time, a rumor has been floating around about an "Inside Out" themed attraction possibly taking over the space, but personally I hope that never comes to fruition in this particular location. Of course, I'd love to see it pop up elsewhere, which brings us to my next  idea for this castings end result, The Wonders of Life Pavilion. 

My Hope Is That They Re-do The Wonders of Life Pavilion
This particular portion of the park has been essentially abandoned for quite some time beyond festival events, private events, and so on. However, despite it's current state, aging interior, and exterior, it is prominently placed in the concept art for the reimagined Epcot which was debuted at D23. In my opinion, this space is the most overlooked piece of the expansion artwork. The casting opportunity for "scientific interns" would fit perfectly into a similar realm of what was once in the pavilion and it's history of iconic show hosts and semi-scientific attractions like Cranium Command! As mentioned above, I know nothing in regards to insider information, but this very well could be a space that would transform quickly without having to close an attraction or create an entirely new building. If I were an Imagineer, this is where I would locate an "Inside Out" attraction which may or may not ever become a reality. 

An Entirely New Experience May Arise
At D23 essentially Disney fans were told that Epcot would be getting a transformation, and that it was going to be a long process. The concept art doesn't appear entirely complete, so there is a substantial chance that this could signal an entirely new experience or show. Epcot has the space, and they also appear to have the timeframe necessary to create something entirely new. Of course it does seem early to already be casting for such a potentially large project. 

Also worth noting is that experiences like The Muppet Mobile Lab and "pop up" shows are becoming increasingly popular in the Disney parks. Disney did not state how many actors this position would accept and it is strictly listed as "actors." Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is that it does not say in any way that this is a position for Epcot. 

Right now, there's many more questions than answers with this listing, but it's certainly interesting to take a look at a vast variety of possibilities. If you could choose one thing this could turn into, what would it be? A new attraction, a new show, or maybe even a complete redo of an attraction? This could signal big changes, but it could also signal a very small change. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Of course, I do not intend to spread any rumors here because this is simply my thoughts based on what I've observed.   

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