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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Returns: Dessert Party Bookings Start Today!


by: guide4wdw - Collin

While summer has not yet drawn to a close, Disney has officially announced that Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! will be returning once again! The projection and fireworks based show lights up the night over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. As many of you know, the park is in a bit a of a transformation currently, so it's great to here this fun nighttime experience will be showing during the holiday season. It will certainly give guests something extra to enjoy within a park that is quite pleasant to explore as the sun goes down. 

Christmas really is an outstanding time of year to visit Walt Disney World. The weather is cooler, the decorations are up, and a honest sense of joy fills the parks as anticipation for the holiday slowly builds. However, at Walt Disney World, the holiday festivities don't end right on Christmas day, but often continue well into the new year! 

Along with the return of this creative show will be the special holiday dessert party. This extra cost dining opportunity includes reserved seating, a variety of desserts and a one of a kind experience to guests of all ages. The pricing structure varies depending on what date you decide to book, but prices between November 9th and December 15th are $79 for adults and $45 dollars for kids. As Christmas day gets closer, the party does increase in price slightly to $89 and $49 on the 17th through the 21st. However, for larger families this is something to consider. $10 dollars doesn't sound like much of a difference, but if you're buying for 6 guests $10 extra per person can get pricey fast. 

Personally, I don't always recommend these paid dessert parties to friends and family, but at Christmas I do have to make an exception. There's something quite fun about having your own space and the time to sit and enjoy a few snacks while taking in the decorations and festivities all around you.

The dates for this event are subject to change at Disney's discretion, but it is certainly something guests are excited to experience again this holiday season! If you're at all interested in booking or adding this party to an existing reservation, simply fill out the quote form below and our friends over at Destinations to Travel will contact you and schedule that arrangement for you free of any fees (beyond the cost of the party itself)! Also, you are more than welcome to call Disney Dining (407-WDW-DINE) and make your own reservation for this event. Reservations can also be made on the Disney website and a reservation in general is required for this dessert party. 

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