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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Disneyland Paris Debuts New Auctioneer Redhead Scene In Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction


by: guide4wdw - Collin

Despite mass internet response, we are seeing the new auctioneering redhead portion of Pirates of the Caribbean arrive across the internet. Of course, this will not be the exact variation which is set to debut at Walt Disney World in the not so distant future, but it should give us a relatively good idea of what to expect.

For those who may not know already, Disney has announced plans to roll out one mass change to existing Pirates of the Caribbean attractions. The classic redhead scene of your voyage is set to be modified so that it will become an auction of items rather than a selling of  the redhead. The "we wants the redhead!" line has been a classic part of the attraction for years, but Disney is making every effort to alter the story so that this new variation will replace the current redhead auction. 

(photo: WDW variation)

In my own opinion, this seems to add a scattered portion to the overall story of the attraction, but of course everyone will have to formulate their own opinion of the change. This variation arrives as Disneyland Paris gets set to officially unveil a refurbished Pirates attraction in the coming weeks. This particular video has popped up as a part of a "preview day" for certain pass holders at the Disneyland Paris resort. 

So, without further ado, here's a closer look at the scene (starts around the 4:45 mark) from a great quality video posted by DLP Welcome on youtube! Be sure to subscribe to their channel while you're there!   

Personally, I'm not a fan of changing classic attractions in any way, but things do change and Disney was never really designed to be nostalgic (as much as I wish it was), but rather as a place that could grow and develop as the world around it did.  

Here's a closer look at the current Walt Disney World variation for comparison from our recent trip to the parks:

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