Saturday, July 8, 2017

Flight of Passage - A Motion Sickness Perspective

by: guide4wdw - Collin

Well, after spending a week touring the parks and having an absolute blast, we're finally back and should have some great content rolling out rather quickly! However, today I'm bringing you an article that I know very few Disney writers have or are able to cover. It's also a story I've looked for myself for weeks before my Disney vacation and came up with no definitive answer. So, today, we're taking a look at Pandora's Flight of Passage attraction and the ins and outs of the attraction from a motion sickness perspective.

To add a quick backstory, personally, I struggle heavily with motion sickness. In a typical day  simply driving to and from the local store with another driver can become a problem quickly. Whenever I travel with friends, I always volunteer as the driver to avoid motion sickness. Strangely though, I can handle many Disney attractions. For example, my limit is typically around the Space Mountain level of "thrill" without feeling sick. I've never been able to do Star Tours without feeling awful afterwords, Rockin' Roller Coaster is strictly a "no-go," and Expedition Everest I have done once, but it wasn't the best experience (I was fine, but really didn't enjoy it). 

I know the question most people tend to ask is how Flight of Passage compares to Soarin'. After riding the attractions one day apart, I can honestly say there's no true comparison between the two. Soarin' is one of those attractions that on a typical day I'll be fine unless I look around to the sides too much, then it tends to get to me. Flight of Passage honestly did not bother me. Yes, as many have said, it is a thrill ride, but the environment you're in doesn't expose you to the motion sickness as much as you would expect. 

Opposed to the typical slight rolling action of Soarin' or the slightly jerky nature of many coasters and Star Tours, Flight of Passage was a different movement type. Throughout the attraction, the "Banshee" (ride vehicle) emulates a type of hopping motion that probably rises and falls around 10-15 feet at most. Of course Disney mixes up the motion according to the on screen projections and it is quite honestly a breathtaking experience to say the least. There is no true comparison to this attraction, but I will say I took a motion sickness medication at the start of that day, as did a guest traveling with us who gets horrible motion sickness, and neither one of us had serious problems. To be quite honest, I have felt worse getting off of Dinosaur than I did this attraction. 

Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee you won't get sick if you struggle with similar problems, but the two of us both agreed that it was more than worth the risk. Nothing truly compares to the crazy realism of the attraction. The other guest (who also happens to be my father) did mention that he did not know if he would ride again, but was blown away by the experience and was glad that he took the chance and rode it at least once. 

Here's my personal advice. If you can do Soarin', Star Tours, Expedition Everest, Mission Space, or Rockin' Rollercoaster, you should at least be able to get through the attraction without any problems. If you're worried, take a motion sickness medication before you ride and that will likely solve a lot of your problems. 

As the summer continues, I really wanted to get this article out to help some other guests in a similar situation. Personally, I absolutely loved the attraction. There's no way I could ride it in back to back sequence, but I loved it nonetheless.

Since we have returned and the post-Disney syndrome has set it, we should be able to roll out some fun new articles in the next few days. We have quite a bit to share!  

Thanks for being patient with us this week as our articles have been less frequent, but time was of the essence to get done all we had planned. Thanks again! - Collin 

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