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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

UPDATE: New Fastpass+ Policy Causing Problems for More Than Just Those Manipulating the System - Penalties Now Appear Much Greater Than Expected As Well

UPDATE: New Fastpass+ Policy Causing Problems for More Than Just Those Manipulating the System - Penalties Now Appear Much Greater Than Expected As Well
by: guide4wdw - Collin

After rumblings arrived across the internet of a new policy arriving to correct the large issue of manipulating fastpass+ selections, it appears as if other problems have arrived along with the change.

According to mostly speculation, Disney is putting into affect today a policy intended to stop "ghost" fastpasses from being used in the Disney parks. For those of you who may not know what that is, many guests have been utilizing a "loophole" in the fastpass+ system which allows guests to utilize active MagicBands to make additional same day attraction pass selections on extra MagicBands which were not used to enter the park. In many cases, these "ghost" bands are not even linked to a ticket at all. 

Essentially, when the park opens, guests with these extra bands will utilize the kiosks to reserve extra fastpass+ selections on multiple bands that were not used as tickets to enter the park. 

To "fix" the problem, Disney is supposed to roll out a new policy which will stop guests from using these "ghost" bands. When a band is used to try and enter an attraction without being used as a ticket to enter the park, they are supposed to get a spinning blue circle at the attractions entrance and their account will be locked out. In order to free up their account, these guests will have to head to guest services and sort out the issue. 

However, while this is a great concept in theory, it is causing quite a few unexpected problems. Throughout the morning many guests are reporting that their My Disney Experience account is showing a variety of problems with both tickets showing up and fastpass+ selections even they had never manipulated the system in the past. Currently, it appears as if it is just a glitch as a result of the policy change, but a select few guests have had to re-book passes that were set 60 days out for vacations planned as soon as next week. Not every account has had issues, and ours was not one that has been affected so far, but you'll certainly want to check and make sure all types of reservations booked for your vacation are still listed as they should be. 

Some groups are reporting that switching to a different browser or checking on the Disney app quickly solves the issue. Others haven't been quite so lucky.

Again, we have not personally experienced the issue, but we'll try and keep you updated as new information arrives.

UPDATE: It appears as if the new system is a bit more aggressive than initial reports stated. If a guest attempts to use a fastpass not liked to a ticket used for park entrance, after their day is over, their account will be locked out. The only way to reopen the account will be to contact guest services and get the account un-"frozen." If and only if cast members determine it to be a misreported issue or unintentionally manipulative act will the account be unfrozen. Otherwise, it appears as if they will remain locked. 

If you have friends visiting the parks soon, you may want to share this with them as well!   

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