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Friday, June 16, 2017

Monorail Blue Is Currently Having Problems - May Evacuate

Monorail Blue Is Currently Having Problems - May Evacuate  
by: guide4wdw - Collin

An interesting event is currently occurring near Walt Disney World's Transportation and Ticket Center. Monorail Blue is reportedly stopped and according to twitter may soon be evacuated. One particular report states that a piece of the monorail may have fallen off near Epcot and could very well be related to the incident. As far as we know, no one was hurt as a part of the issue, the monorail has simply broken down.

(photo: flickr)

Right now, the cause has not been released and the rumor concerning the piece of the monorail falling off may or may not be the cause of the monorails malfunction.

The Fire department and EMS are on the scene. Reedy Creek does indeed have a contraption developed to safely clear the monorail in these situations. It is not yet known if that will be required or if it will be able to make it to the station. 

If more info arrises, we'll try to update this story here or over on twitter. Again, it looks as if the monorail has just developed problems and everyone should be perfectly fine. Here's a closer look from many reports popping up on twitter.

Update: The monorail has reached the station and will be emptied as usual. It did apparently have assistance getting there according to twitter reports. 


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