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Saturday, June 24, 2017

AT-AT Walkers May Have Already Arrived In Star Wars Land


by: guide4wdw - Collin

In an interesting development appearing across social media, it looks as if AT-AT walkers have officially arrived at Hollywood Studios. Of course, the project is far from complete and is likely over a year from it's debut, but it's interesting to see things finally starting to take shape.

The AT-AT appear to be a part of a new show building as a portion of an upcoming attraction. While very little is currently known about what all the attraction will entail, we will likely get a few more details released as a part of July's D23 expo. Disney has already stated that we will get an opening date for Toy Story Land at the expo, so it is easy to make the assumption that we will receive a greater description of this project at the event as well.

The pictures below should give you a good idea of where the walkers will be located. In the image they are in the top right corner of the building currently being developed. At this point nothing is guaranteed, but it certainly appears as if AT-AT Walkers have officially arrived and are currently being assembled.

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