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Friday, June 23, 2017

A Closer Look: Magic Kingdom's River of "Pooh"

by: guide4wdw - Collin

Today, we're hoping to share a little lighthearted design work that appears over at Magic Kingdom. Fair warning, after reading this you'll likely never look at Liberty Square the same way again. 
(photo: flickr)

Throughout the early design work of Liberty Square, many efforts were made to create a true to history experience for guests to enjoy as they toured the parks. Every little detail, from the replicated sag of the window coverings due to the "worn out straps" that would have created the look in colonial America to the little doll in a window signaling a child lives there was thought of. 

Today, that tradition remains true and we're sharing one of the simplest, yet intriguing elements of the Liberty Square theming, the pavement. Believe it or not, the pavement tells a unique story. If you've been to the parks before, you may have noticed a small section of contrasting color concrete runs directly through the center of the land. Well, to the surprise of many, it was put there to develop a backstory that typically gets overlooked. 

This section of the street, which we hinted at with the play on words in the title, is designed to portray the effects of the colonial "sewage system," or rather the lack there of. You see, in that period of time, indoor plumbing really hadn't been developed. Instead, individuals would "do their business" in the house in a designated collection area/item then toss it into the street.

Over time, the sewage would build up and run through the street. So, in typical Disney fashion, they had to replicate an authentic environment. However, rather than throwing waste in the street they developed a river of "poo" that winds through the streets of the pavilion.

You see, even the little details of a Walt Disney World experience have a story. Personally, I've noticed that when we take the time to appreciate and share these details with friends that the whole Disney experience becomes that much more special! You never really know what could be hiding in plain site! - Hopefully this didn't gross anyone out too much! -

While this was a somewhat shorter Disney history article, we hope you enjoyed it and maybe found something new to recognize during your next trip to the parks.    

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