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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

7 Common Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid At Walt Disney World

7 Common Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid At Walt Disney World
by: guide4wdw - Caitlin

Planning a trip to Disney can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never experienced the Disney parks before. I’m here to share some choices you should definitely avoid in order to make the best of your Disney Vacation. From bottled water decisions to navigating long wait times, take a look at some classic, rookie moves.

1. Over packing
Most people go to the Disney parks with the philosophy of needing to take everything they own. While I am completely an advocate for being prepared at the parks, you may not need that extra set of sunglasses, 3 flashlights, and a protractor for the Magic Kingdom. Of course, I’m exaggerating. But, be sure to take only items you will truly use during your time in the park. Trust me, those bags get heavy in a hurry (and oh so hot if you’re arriving any time between now and September)!

2. Bottled Water (Don’t Buy It!) 
Buying water at Disney is a huge waste of money. When in the Disney parks, you can go up to any counter service location that serves fountain drinks and receive FREE ice water. If you just can’t bear the Florida tap water taste, pack a few drink flavoring mixes in your park bag. Plus, this will stay much colder than a water bottle. On a related note, do not, do not, do not be those people with horribly heavy refillable water bottles shoved in your backpack. You can thank me later.

3. Lugging Around Purchases
So you and Grandma got a little carried away in Mouse Gear? We’ve all been there! Do not lug your new Disney tees, spinning tea cup coffee mug, and giant Stitch plush from Mexico to Morocco! Disney offers a service that allows you to pick up purchases at the front of the park as you exit for the day. If you’re staying on property, they can even be sent directly to your resort! This takes away the heavy bags and also eliminates the risk of breaking your new treasures!

4. Walking the Entire Park
Disney World is a very, very big place. When walking around the famous parks, your toes will get tired in a hurry. Be sure to utilize the in-park transportation available at both Magic Kingdom and Epcot. At Magic Kingdom, you can take a ride on the railroad and enjoy a relaxing trip to the front of the park, Frontierland, and Storybook Circus. In EPCOT, water transportation is available via Friendship Boats from two areas within the World Showcase.

5. Wearing Flip Flops 
This mistake goes right along with the one above. Do not, under any circumstances, wear flip flops to a Disney park. If you’re concerned about fashion (and I always am), opt for Toms or sandals with arch support. It is not uncommon to walk upwards of 10 miles in a typical Disney day.

6. Finding Your Fireworks Spot Last Minute
While this is tempting, do not wait until 8:55 to find your spot to watch “Happily Ever After.” Not only will you make some major enemies as you squeeze your way onto Main Street, but you will most likely not be able to see and/or take quality pictures. We suggest scoping out your spot about 30 minutes ahead of the fireworks show. Pay close attention to areas that are taped off as acceptable viewing spots.

7. Showing Up at 10:00 AM 
This may be my biggest warning to ensure a magical day in the Kingdom. It is extremely important to check your park hours and arrive as close to the rope drop as possible. Early mornings are the very best bet to ensure you are able to visit all of your must-do attractions. Please, do not come to Magic Kingdom 2-3 hours after opening and expect to see short wait times. This simply does not happen anymore. WDW has reached quite a peak in popularity and have consistently busy days almost all year round.

There you have it, a list of the biggest Disney mistakes. Don’t be a rookie! Promise me you won’t buy any water bottles or wear flip flops to Animal Kingdom.

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