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Friday, May 5, 2017

Man Reportedly Falls Overboard on the Disney Dream

Man Reportedly Falls Overboard on the Disney Dream
by: guide4wdw - Collin

Today, reports are starting to surface stating that a man fell overboard from the Disney Dream last night. While Disney has not yet confirmed the incident, the ship's travel path seems to follow the story. 

Guests aboard the Dream stated that the ship slowed at one point and began to circle for unknown reasons, shortly there after, the coast guard was spotted in the air aiding in the process. The maneuver took just under an hour to complete. The man did supposedly return  to the ship with the help of Disney's fast moving response set up. It seems as if all things went as planned in the emergency process and Disney will retain it's outstanding safety record. 
(Photo: Disney)

However, if you plan on cruising in the future, please be aware that these situations can occur and that it is the guests responsibility to remain safe and follow all necessary safety guidelines while on board the ship. We do not currently know the circumstances surrounding this incident, but it does appear to be accidental. The railings surrounding the decks are quite high on Disney ships so this is quite likely to have been caused by a freak accident or lapse of judgement. Either way, always be cautious while on board any cruise. 

As the man was retrieved from the water it is believed that he will recover fully and sustained only minor injuries. Disney's medical staff handled the medical concerns. 

The Dream was set to return back to Port Canaveral early this morning. No extreme delays were caused by this minor incident. The Dream is returning from a Bahamas  itinerary and the problem occurred just off the coast of Freeport according to the maps of the ships path.    

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