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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How You Know You’re a DisNerd - 10 Sure Signs You're a Disney Fanatic


How You Know You’re a DisNerd
by: guide4wdw - Caitlin

Craig Barton of nerdhq.com tells us that a DisNerd is “Someone whose life is influenced by all things Disney, whether it be movies, music, theme parks, television, or even general Disney company history.” As a self-proclaimed DisNerd, I have compiled a list of the tell-tale signs that you are one yourself.

1. You consistently apply Disney movie quotes to your daily life. 
- How many times have you found yourself using a Disney quote in a situation that leaves your non-DisNerd friend thinking you're crazy? One of my personal favorites is, "Pull the lever, Kronk" for anything that involves buttons, doors, and switches of any variety. On a sappier note, who's told their best friend, in the words of Randy Newman, "You've got a friend in me?"

2. There is a standard wardrobe when visiting Disney World which includes a variety of t-shirts adorned with Walt’s favorite characters and ears to match.
-When packing for your favorite park, you can't bear the thought of entering the gates without debuting your new Disney merch. 

3. You collect at least one type of Disney Merchandise. 
- True Disney fans tend to accumulate a variety of collectable merchandise due to the sheer need of having each and every pin or Olszewski Miniature available. 

4. You can pinpoint an exact location within a Disney park based upon a single scent.
-When walking by the Confectionary windows, be sure to glance up and to your right to target the source of the hidden Disney magic. The smellitzers, as Disney has coined them, make an impressionable memory on all who visit these parks.  

5. All of the words to Wishes are engraved in your memory.
-Staring up at the glowing castle in the Magic Kingdom, every guest anticipates the brilliant fireworks display that awaits them. Jimmy Cricket speaks straight to your heart with his famous words, "Let your conscious be your guide."

6. You are commonly asked the question, “You’re going to Disney again?”
-When Disney touches your heart, you can't help but return to the parks again and again. 

7. A button is needed during every Disney trip, even if you aren’t particularly celebrating anything.
-Guests travel to Disney for very special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and my personal favorite, engagements, are wonderful times to commemorate at a Disney park. Sometimes, being in the parks is reason enough to celebrate! Be sure to pick up your very own button from a cast member at guest services or near the entrance to the parks. 

8. If anyone happens to use the phrase, “Let’s get down to business,” you know that defeating the Huns must be in order.
-Be honest, you've sang out these lyrics in public at least once in your lifetime. 

9. Dole whip is a basic food group.
-If you didn't get a Dole whip, did you really even go to Disney at all? Newcomers to the parks, be sure to stop at Aloha Isle or Pineapple Lanai to get a taste of this addictive pineapple soft serve. Aside from the Dole plantation in Hawaii, the Disney parks are the only place to indulge in this sweet treat. 

10. You don’t know a bit of Spanish, but can easily translate, “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.”
-A ride on the monorail is not complete unless you've quoted this famous warning. If you speak Spanish, the Disney community apologizes for our obsession with the now iconic phrase. 

There you have it! 10 Sure signs that you are indeed a Disney fanatic. How many items on the list can you relate to? Be sure to share this article with your friends and find out if they too are a DisNerd! 

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