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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Disney's Fireworks Supposedly Causing Increased Brush Fires on Property

Disney's Fireworks Supposedly Causing Increased Brush Fires on Property
by: guide4wdw - Collin
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According to Tim Stromsnes, President of Reedy Creek Fire and Rescue, Disney's pyrotechnic displays have played a role in the increased fires experienced by the Disney property. The Reedy Creek Fire and Rescue group services the parks and resorts across property in the event of an emergency and have been doing so for quite some time. Recently, as a result of the extraordinarily dry conditions Florida is facing, the role of this department has been greatly increased. 

(photo: Disney)

Just a short time ago, Disney placed bans on open fires and charcoal grills at Fort Wilderness Campground (propane is fine to use) in order to try try and develop a preventative measure given the current conditions. In addition, Disney has temporarily halted all resort campfires. Fortunately, these precautions have been fairly respected and have played a role in keeping fires as limited as possible. 

With that being said, Tim Stromsnes stated today to the Orlando Sentinel that Reedy Creek is responding to an unusually high number of fires as a result of Disney's fireworks displays. The issues stated for the increase included the obvious dry conditions of central Florida at this time, but also mentioned that when Disney built their latest launch site for 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular' (which is quite impressive) they did not clear enough land and did not install enough sprinklers. As a result, the brush fires are occurring at an increased rate than in the past. 

While this very well could be true, it should also be mentioned that in the past, Disney's Hollywood Studios did not have a long term fireworks display (excluding 'Fantasmic!'). The infrastructure could be to blame, but this is certainly something to look out for in the coming weeks if you are planning a Disney vacation. 

Disney has no current plans to suspend fireworks across property, but it has happened in the past due to similar situations. In certain areas of Florida there is currently a ban on public use of fireworks, but that does not apply to theme parks (likely due to the extra equipment provided by the launch sites). If the conditions do not change in the near future, look out for an update on this story that could be just beginning to develop. Once again, Disney has no current plans to suspend their fireworks displays. 

With the planned replacement for 'Wishes!', 'Happily Ever After,' arriving in just a few weeks, Disney will likely take every necessary step to prevent a fireworks suspension. The date for the transfer over has been set for many months and T-shirts are already being sold for the Wishes farewell.  

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(Source: WDWInfo and Orlando Sentinel)              

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