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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood and Vine to Offer the Fantasmic! Dining Package at Breakfast!

Hollywood and Vine to Offer the Fantasmic Dining Package at Breakfast!
by: guide4wdw - Collin

It appears as if a new dining opportunity may be coming to Hollywood Studios. As many of you may know, Hollywood and Vine has been offering a Fantasmic Dining package for many years. The package offeres guests the opportunity to eat at the restaurant but also provides them with reserved seats for that nights showing of Fantasmic. In the past, this was only available for lunch reservations, but it appears that Disney may have changed that timeframe to include breakfast reservations as well. 

Nothing was announced officially, but the experience can now be booked utilizing the calendar reservation option under the Fantasmic Dining Package listing. Personally, I found a reservation available for March 30th at 8:05am, but others have found early reservation opportunities (as soon as March 4th).

In the past, Hollywood and Vine hasn't necessarily been known for its food, but with breakfast now available as a part of the package, those who do not enjoy the other meals have a new option if they intend to use the dining package.

Breakfast still remains a character meal with Disney Junior characters and this is in no way required to be purchased in order to eat at the location. I have tried this in the past for lunch and it was outstanding to be able to have that reserved seating at Fantamsic which regularly fills to capacity in the busier months of the year.

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