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Monday, January 16, 2017

Trader Sam's Coffee Launches A Contest So That YOU Can Name Their New Flavor!

Trader Sam's Coffee Launches A Contest So That YOU Can Name Their New Flavor!
by: guide4wdw - Collin
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Just a few short weeks ago we brought you some information about the Trader Sam's Coffee Company: "A Closer Look at Trader Sam's Coffee." Today, we're happy to announce a contest the company has officially debuted! As a partnership with Kat Cressida (better known as the voice of the bride in the Haunted Mansion attraction as well as many other characters throughout her career), Trader Sam's is launching a new coffee flavor to add to their already expansive lineup of flavors. 

While the flavor will be created for you, they need your help to name the new coffee and pick a flavor! While not every choice will be used, the best entries in their contest will be chosen and a poll on Twitter will allow you (the customers) to pick your favorite name! Whichever design is the most popular, the creator of the name will receive a wonderful prize! Here's all of the details from Trader Sam's website: 

Our ghostly bride is calling out to you to come up with a flavor for her new coffee.

Five of you foolish mortals will be selected on February 5th to have your entry voted upon on our Twitter poll. 

The bride will announce the winner as her valentine on February 14th.

Winner will receive: 3 bags of the new coffee; Art print of the coffee label signed by Kat Cressida and artist Gavin Otteson; 2 VIP tickets (1 day park hoppers) to Disneyland.

Since we always have room for one more, a runner up will receive: 2 bags of the new coffee.

If you want to take a chance and try your hand at naming the new product, be sure to click the link below and head on over to their site! 
Click for Link to the Contest

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