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Friday, January 6, 2017

"Sharing the Magic" Statue Disappearing For Lengthy Refurbishment Beginning Soon

"Sharing the Magic" Statue Disappearing For Lengthy Refurbishment Beginning Soon 
by: guide4wdw - Collin
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As one of the stranger refurbishments we've shared, a Disney icon is going away for a fairly lengthy amount of time beginning as soon as January 6th (today). The "Sharing the Magic" statue which is typically located near the flag pole on Main Street U.S.A., but often moves closer to the fire station around the holidays, will be undergoing a multiple-month  refurbishment. It will return to it's typical location in March.

The statue proudly features Roy O. Disney seated next to Minnie Mouse on a park bench in the heart of Town Square. The statue has always been a welcoming sign to guests entering the park and a great photo opportunity. 

While thousands of guests take pictures with the statue each week, a majority of those guests don't really understand the history and details of the statue itself. 

The statue is actually the last of three commissioned works of Disney Legend Blaine Gibson. While that name may or may not stand out in your mind, I guarantee you know his work. The first statue was created for Disneyland in 1993 and then later a near identical one was created for Walt Disney World in 1995 and they both became known as The Partner's Statue. The Partners Statue, which you are sure to recognize, is the classic image of Walt Disney hand-in-hand with Mickey Mouse in the heart of both theme parks

While each of these statues holds their own story, the "Sharing the Magic" piece itself has a variety of unique features. First, when the statue was originally placed, it was actually located behind the fence, away from typical guest areas. However, that didn't stop a majority of guests from hopping the fence and taking a picture sitting on the bench with the two Disney icons! Later, Disney gave in and moved the statue to the other side of the fence where it has remained for many years.

Second, despite what many guests assume, Minnie is placed close to Roy on the bench not so that other guests could sit with the pair, but rather to show how approachable Roy O. Disney could be. Roy was not typically "center stage" in the creation of the parks, but rather typically "behind the scenes." 

Lastly, and quite possibly one of the most heart felt aspects of the creation, Gibson created a statue where Roy is intentionally supporting Minnie's hand from below. While that seems to be a simple gesture, the design intended to show how Roy supported his brother's vision for a place that very few people could dream up. 

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