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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Passholder Entrances Are Out In Full Force and in One Particularly Unique Location!

Passholder Entrances Are Out In Full Force and in One Particularly Unique Location! 
by: guide4wdw - Collin
twitter: @guide4disney
instagram: @guide4disney

We are officially back from our week in Walt Disney World and it goes without saying that the post-Disney depression has officially set in. Fortunately, it's nice to have some time to post some articles on the site and get ready for Christmas. Before we get into some of our stories from this most recent trip, we wanted to go ahead and share a small bit of news. 

This week, Annual Passholder exclusive entrances have popped up at each of the parks. The first entrance we noticed was at the Magic Kingdom, and surprisingly there was very little wait to get in at that specific spot. As we moved over to Epcot a few days later, there was an entrance there as well. The other parks followed suit, but we did get one surprise. At Epcot's rear entrance between France and the United Kingdom, we found that one of the two lines to enter the park was strictly a Passholder entrance. To us, it seemed a little unnecessary at the small entrance, but would be a unique perk for those staying at the Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club, and Swan and Dolphin resorts. Also, if you are at Hollywood Studios, and wish to head over to Epcot it would in fact make that journey a little quicker. 

Overall, it's a unique idea, and it will be interesting to see what Disney does with it in the future. At the time being, the lines appear to be significantly shorter for these exclusive entrances, but we'll see if that holds true as the busiest weeks of the year draw closer. 

On a side note: 

From me and Caitlin both, we wish each and every one of you a safe and wonderful Christmas. If you're traveling, be careful out there, and be sure to enjoy your time with friends and family over the next few days. Family is a key part of our lives and it's easy to overlook the role they play each day. Thanks for being here with us and enjoy the holidays! 

Merry Christmas! To all the cast members working through the holidays, thank you for making the magic available for each and every one of us that gets the chance to experience it! 


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