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Friday, December 30, 2016

A Closer Look at Trader Sam's Coffee

A Closer Look at Trader Sam’s Coffee
by: guide4wdw - Caitlin
twitter: @guide4disney
instagram: @guide4disney

If you are a coffee lover, this post is for you! I am very excited to introduce to you a line of coffee inspired by our favorite Disney attractions. Disney and coffee: What more could you want?! Trader Sam’s Coffees are made from Arabica Beans and are USDA Certified Organic, Rain Forest Alliance Certified, and Gluten Free (even the flavored ones!). We were extremely excited to receive five different Trader Sam’s Coffees to try. The flavors range from sweet and light to bold and unique; there is something for everyone’s taste buds!

The coffee is sold at the very reasonable price of $10 for a 12 oz. bag. They come adorably packaged to match their Disney inspired attraction. Each bag also has a clever story on the back to explain the coffee’s origin. Here is a look at the fun flavors we were able to try out.

Skippers Brew


This coffee is inspired by the nostalgic attraction, the Jungle Cruise, and it is my personal favorite of the bunch (and not just because of the adorable back story). The banana flavor of this coffee is unlike anything I have had before. It is both inventive and delicious!

Ghoulish Delight

My brother and I are huge Haunted Mansion fans and were quite excited to see a coffee created for us foolish mortals. The cinnamon flavor of the roast is very unique and pairs wonderfully with its haunting packaging.

Main Street U.S.A. Columbian

When you take a stroll down Main Street, you can’t help but step back in time to the days of window shopping and trolley rides. This coffee matches this feeling with its classic but memorable flavor. It is sure to please any coffee fan.

Prospector’s Roast

This here’s the wildest coffee in the wilderness! A tribute to another one of my favorite attractions, Thunder Mountain Railroad. This coffee is full of an authentic hazelnut flavor that is sweet without being overpowering.

Plus Ultra Vanilla

Vanilla is always a crowd pleaser, and this coffee is no exception. Its packaging is based off of the innovative world of Tomorrowland.

That is our roundup of the five Traders Sam’s selections we were lucky enough to try. The coffee is unique not only in its flavors but also in the added bonus of paired Disney attractions. There are even more roasts to try on their website along with art prints and t-shirts! Click the link below to purchase your own!

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