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6 Snacks Under $6 At Disney's Magic Kingdom: Plus a Bonus!
6 Snacks Under $6 At Disney's Magic Kingdom: Plus a Bonus!
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If you've been reading this site for any period of time you already know that we love food. It's no secret that our vacations tend to revolve around dining and of course snacks play a valuable role in the overall dining experience. Now, I've said in the past that a Disney vacation isn't about the attractions, the resorts, or even the food, but rather the opportunities Disney creates for memories with friends and family. Those unique memories are what truly matter in the long run and what keep us going back to the parks year after year. However, I'm a firm believer that food can truly bring people together and create experiences that you'll remember forever. Thankfully though, despite the astronomical price tags that can accompany many meals at Walt Disney World, a simple snack can ultimately create the same affect in many cases. So, pull up a chair, and join me at the table for my top 6 snacks under $6 at the Magic Kingdom.

1. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich ($5.29) - The Parlor 

While this has been a favorite of mine for quiet some time, it is also one of the more budget friendly snacks at the Magic Kingdom. It tastes great, it's large enough to share, and even a good replacement for a late night meal. The cookie sandwich changes with the seasons and holiday cookies often put a festive spin on the wonderful creation. 

The Cookie Sandwich comes in at just over $5 and is well worth the price! It's also easy to get to at the end of Main Street U.S.A. at The Parlor Ice Cream Shop! However, be sure to get it at The Parlor to truly witness the full experience. While the packaged variations of the snack found throughout the parks are also quite good, they aren't quite the same. Be sure to try this creation next time your in the park! (photo: 

2. Waffle ($5.49) - Sleepy Hollow

As a more recent addtion to the Magic Kingdom's food selections, waffles at Sleepy Hollow have become a big hit with guests. While they are typically topped with powdered sugar, you can upgrade your waffle with Nutella and many other unique flavors for a little extra money. If you want to keep this fun option below $6, stick with the traditional, yet wonderful, variation of the treat.   

3. Corn Dog Nuggets ($5.99) - Casey's Corner

As a Disney classic, Casey's Corner had to make the list in some form or fashion! It just so happens that one of the best items on the menu (if you ask me) is under $6. The Corn Dog Nuggets are incredibly tasty with a lightly fried outside and a small hotdog on the inside. The portion size is a bonus as well. This particular menu item comes in a cup and you are given more than enough for a snack and even possibly a small meal for under $6. (photo: 

While this item was much better when the cheese sauce was still available, they are still great for dipping in a variety of different sauces at no additional cost. Unfortunately, it is believed that the cheese sauce was removed after an article debuted which mentioned that the cheese was one ingredient away form plastic. While that may not be true, the cheese sauce will still be missed!  

4. Citrus Swirl ($3.79) - Sunshine Tree Terrace 

As another Disney classic, it's great that this item happens to be under $6, just as the one listed as #5. The Citrus Swirl is quite the deal when it comes to snacks at Walt Disney World. At less than $4 you're not likely to find much that is more budget friendly in the parks. It tastes great, it is classically Disney and a wonderful treat on a warm summer day. 

Be sure not to overlook the new location of this particular snack offering. In the past, it was offered by the exit of The Magic Carpets, but now it has switched locations due to demand to the former location of Aloha Isle. (photo: 

5. Pineapple Float ($5.29) - Aloha Isle

As mentioned above, within the last few years this location has switched physical locations with Sunshine Tree Terrace. Thankfully, that has not affected the price or type of offerings. The fan favorite, Pineapple Float made with the classic Dole Whip, is surprisingly less than our $6 cap! It tastes amazing, can only be bought at the Disney parks and resorts, and is a perfect way to cool off in the Florida summer! At $5.29 this is quite possibly one of my favorite options on our list!  
6. Warm Cinnamon Roll ($4.49) - Gaston's Tavern

This price even surprised me! The warm Cinnamon Rolls that could once be found at the Main Street Bakery have found a new home over in New Fantasyland. These Cinnamon Rolls are quite large and one of the best snacks that are quite often overlooked completely. If you get the chance, be sure to try one of these wonderful snacks. They're conveniently priced at $4.49, which is a pretty good deal, and they honestly taste great! 

The atmosphere of the Tavern adds to the experience and creates a truly inviting snack that is well worth the budget friendly price tag! 

Bonus: Lefou's Brew ($5.49)

As an added bonus, while you are at Gaston's Tavern, be sure to try Lefou's Brew! It's a wonderful Disney drink that is great for the whole family despite the implications of the drinks name. The flavor itself is very similar in texture and taste to what I would imagine an apple juice slushy would be like. While the foam topping made of a mango flavoring is a bit interesting to say the least, it is certainly something you'll want to try to really round out the experience. 

Which of these looks like a winner for your next Disney vacation? Be sure to let us know down below or on Facebook/twitter! 

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