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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Would Walt Disney Think of Today’s Parks?

What Would Walt Disney Think of Today’s Parks? 
by: guide4wdw - Collin
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Walt Disney was a visionary unlike any other. His ideas were boundless and his dedication to a brand that began with a simple drawing of a mouse is nothing short of extraordinary. However, it’s interesting to think, “What would Walt Disney think about today’s parks?” I can only imagine that there would be a variety of emotions, especially considering the man Walt Disney was. He was a businessman, an artist, and an innovator, but at the same time he supposedly knew what he liked and how he wanted it accomplished. Today, the Disney company has picked up a few trends that he may not have agreed with, but others I truly believe he would have found impressive and quite possibly extraordinary. 
In Regards to the Money

Throughout the creation of Disneyland and the beginnings of Walt Disney World (essentially acquiring land) Walt Disney never seemed focused on the money. Walt was always chasing the memories and experiences his creations developed rather than what they were going to cost or how they were going to be produced. So, in regards to today, it’s hard to imagine Walt being proud of the company’s inherent desire to please shareholders and post record profits above all else. While in today’s business world, shareholders are king and profits mandate every aspect of a company, it’s hard to imagine Walt would appreciate that mindset. 

Walt Disney faced budget problems for years, but for some reason he never seemed to let that influence his innovative decisions. It was as if he knew that if the creations of the company were so extraordinary that everyone had to see them, the money would follow the ideas. Today, I can’t remember the last time Disney tried something simply to innovate rather than to turn a profit. Of course profits are always a goal in any business, but it seems as if something was lost when the creative spirit and risk taking of the man who started it all was no longer in the picture. (photo: frontierlandstation.com) 

An Appreciation of, but a Disappointment in What EPCOT Became

It’s hard to think about Walt Disney without contemplating what he would think about how his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) turned out. Of course, we all know and love what the park has become over the years, but it’s hard not to imagine what could have been and what role the community could have played in revolutionizing modern society. However, I think Walt Disney would have mixed feelings about what EPCOT turned into.

First, there’s no doubt that he would be disappointed that his elaborate city structure never truly became a reality. However, based on his great desire to learn, I truly believe he would be impressed by what EPCOT became. The vision for the park was a place where people could be entertained and educated at the same time. While that isn't anywhere close to Walt’s plans,  I honestly believe he would have appreciated the vision. 

Above all, I can guarantee that he would be truly amazed by today’s technology and it’s influence on the parks across the board. While the company’s goals in creating the experiences aren't always perfect, it’s hard to overlook the incredible innovation they have produced over the years. (photo: disneyavenue.blogspot.com) 

An Overwhelming Joy of What He Began 

As mentioned before, for Walt it seemed to be more about the memories his creations and ideas provided for the guests who visited his park each and every day. So, It’s hard to imagine the overwhelming joy that he would experience seeing what his theme park concept has become! The Disney parks create memories for thousands and quite possibly millions of guests each and every day around the world. While he may not have liked everything about today’s parks, without a doubt, being able to create that much joy and to see so many happy people entering and leaving the parks is something I’m sure he would be proud of. For him, it always seemed to be about the people and while Disney doesn't always get everything right, none of us would be reading or writing about the company if it didn't have a profound impact on our lives and the memories we have created over the years. In all honesty, that very well could be what it’s all about. Disney gives us an opportunity to be a kid again and to create memories that will last a lifetime with friends and family. I can guarantee Walt Disney would be proud of that! (photo: ulpnet.com)

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