Friday, November 4, 2016

Disney Granted FAA Approval for Drone Use in the Parks!
Disney Granted FAA Approval for Drone Use in the Parks! 
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Back in October, Disney filed an application with the Federal Aviation Authority in order to fly Drones as an addition to nighttime spectacles. The application was a required step in order to lift the FAA's regulations on drone flight. Disney also faced the problem that these drones are considered aircrafts and could interfere with no fly zone regulations. The no fly zones were develop years ago by Disney themselves which created even more "hoops to jump through." 

Disney has presented that the drone technology has reached the point where they will be safe to operate and easily controllable, even in the presence of guests. Disney has yet to release specific plans for the drone usage, but due to images included in the application, many believe they will play a large role in adding or changing nighttime events and shows throughout the various parks. 

The specifics that have been granted are as follows: 

"Specifically, Disney can operate drones during nighttime, in multiples, and over Special Security Notice Flight Restriction Areas and Class G airspace. The waiver is effective from November 1 2016 to November 30 2020." (

While the drone use is certainly intriguing, it definitely makes you wonder if safety will in fact be an issue and how much will be changing in the nighttime shows. 

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