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Man Dies After Riding Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Man Dies After Riding Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disney's Hollywood Studios 
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It's never fun to report a story about something unfortunate occurring at the happiest place on earth. Sadly, according to the injury and illness reports released quarterly by Orlando area amusement parks, a 67 year old man felt ill and passed away after riding Star Tours last month. The man did in fact have a pre-existing heart condition which could have had an affect on the complications leading to his passing. 

While Disney is largely considered one of the safest amusement parks, all injury reports are released on a voluntary basis to the state each quarter. A majority of the issues cited in the reports are often much less severe and nearly always relate to a pre-existing condition.  

In the report, most attraction related injuries are deemed "included" if a 24 hour or greater hospital stay is required immediately after the event. Again, this unfortunate circumstance is not a direct result of the attraction and Disney makes every effort to keep their attractions as safe as possible. Read the warning signs, know your risks, and make safe decisions while touring the parks. 

It's always a terrible scenario for everyone involved in an incident like this. Our hearts go out to the family who will likely never return to the parks as a result of a very sad  memory attached to the location. Memories are oftentimes what keep us going back and sadly this will be one the memories that stands out for this family.

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