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Specialty Treats for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Are Arriving at Magic Kingdom for a Limited Time!
Specialty Treats for the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Are Arriving at Magic Kingdom! 
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The Disney Parks have a little more than candy this year for Halloween!  Of course they always feature a line of sweet treats beyond the ordinary candy found at most Halloween events, but this year in particular they have added a few new items to their multiple "menus" throughout the park. Some of the items are returning from previous years, but here are few of the offerings coming to this years Mickey's Not-So-Scarry Halloween Parties!

The Mainstreet Bakery will be featuring many unique treats including a worms and dirt cupcake, a vanilla spider cupcake, and a specialty halloween sugar cookie! Now, the cookie is available at one other location and I highly recommend you check it out.

At the end of Mainstreet, be sure to stop in the Plaza Ice-cream Parlor for a wonderful snack. Throughout the year, the Parlor offers an ice-cream cookie sandwich that is far superior to the pre-packaged ones found at the carts throughout the park. The cookies are piled high with fresh dipped ice-cream and it truly is one of the best dessert items in all of Walt Disney World! Also, for a limited time you get try this classic treat with the same specialty halloween cookies that are found at the Mainstreet Bakery! It's a great option on the dining plan as well as one the best "bang for your buck" snack opportunities in the parks.

Over in Fantasyland, Gastons tavern is offering a limit time cupcake that is pumpkin spiced and should be a fan favorite (It works for Starbucks so why shouldn't it work for Disney?). Also in Fantasyland, nearby at StoryBook Treats, you can find one of the more unique offerings in the Magic Kingdom for the holiday, a Candy Corn ice-cream cone! Now I've yet to try this treat, but it certainly is an interesting idea that I'm sure theme park goers will certainly enjoy. It's Candy Corn and it's ice-cream, what's not to like?

Lastly, over in Liberty Square at the Friars Nook you can find a treat that may satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down at the same time. The creation is called the Ghoulish Strawberry-Lemonade Slushy.  It looks great, and should be a unique drink to get everybody excited for the season.

That about wraps it up for this years specialty treats! As always, other desserts will be available exclusively for the Halloween timeframe, but these are some of the most unique items featured by The Disney Parks Blog that will be debuting and returning this year! (photos:

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