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Rumor: 3 Popular Characters Being Removed From Magic Kingdom!
Rumor: 3 Popular Characters Being Removed From Magic Kingdom!
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Reports are starting to surface that 3 character meet and greets are being removed from Disney's Magic Kingdom. While the rumors have not been confirmed by Disney, multiple sources are reporting the upcoming removal. The character meet and greet areas that would be affected are the location near the exit of Splash Mountain, as well as the character area near Sunshine Tree Terrace.

If the reports are correct, the characters who are normally located in these areas will also be removed rather than relocated elsewhere in the park. If the areas are removed, there will no longer be a location to meet Woody and Jessie (although they are not always in that location) or Rafiki in the park. While this is only speculation at the time being, Disney is creating a pattern in the parks to limit character interaction. A few weeks ago, certain characters were removed from Epcot near the United Kingdom Pavilion and many of the meet and greet locations at Animal Kingdom have been removed for future expansions. 

At first, many websites proposed that the reasoning behind the removals was due to budget cuts created as a result of the Shanghai Disneyland construction. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. A majority of the character interactions have not returned even now that Shanghai has been open for quite a few weeks. (photo: 

Hopefully this does not start becoming a trend in the parks, given that character interaction is one of the highlights of many guests vacations. However, for now it appears that these particular meet and greets MIGHT be going away in the near future. 

Woody and Jessie will likely be gone by/on October 1st and Rafiki could leave any day now!  

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