Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Disney is Being Sued Over Claims of a Venomous Snake Bite

Disney is Being Sued Over Claims of a Venomous Snake Bite
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A short time after the Alligator incident which affected a young boy at Walt Disney World, a second incident is being reported by a Pennsylvania man. The man claims that he was hospitalized for several days after being bitten by a venomous snake at one of the Disney Resort pools. While the incident is yet to be confirmed or denied by the Disney Company, the individual is supposedly filing a lawsuit against Disney for damages related to the incident.

(photo: tmz.com)

This story surfaces directly after the larger scale incident of the alligator attacking a young boy along the man-made beaches near Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. Disney has recently posted signs warning of alligators as well as snakes in the area. As a result, the chances of this lawsuit playing out are not likely. However, it is interesting that now we are hearing about a snake related incident when the signs already included snakes in the warning.

Disney has not confirmed the incident or the lawsuit at the time this article is being written. 
Source: tmz.com 

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