Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Experience the 10 Gallon Challenge at Whispering Canyon Café

10 Gallon Challenge at Whispering Canyon Café
by: guide4wdw - Caitlin
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If you’re a food challenge lover, this post is for you! I’ve mentioned in previous posts about my love of the Whispering Canyon Café at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. This fabulously entertaining dining spot has an exciting, new ice cream challenge. Due to its testing phase, this opportunity won’t be found on the menu yet.

Here are the details! If you order this ice cream monstrosity, you will get 4 scoops of ice cream, a slice of apple pie, 2 cupcakes, 2 Mickey cookies, and 2 brownies. All of this is topped with fruit (banana, pineapple, and cherries), strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, Oreos, toasted marshmallows (how cool!), and chocolate covered bacon! It is all served in a plastic version of a 10 gallon hat. Now, that is a sundae!

What do you think; ready to dive in to the 10 Gallon Challenge? Head on over to the Whispering Canyon (and take a few friends) to try it out!

Source: disneyfoodblog.com

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