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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why you shouldn’t “over plan” your Disney Vacation

Why you shouldn’t “over plan” your Disney Vacation 
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There's really two kinds of people in the Disney community. Those who plan obsessively and those who don't plan at all. While neither of those vacation strategies are necessarily a bad way to do things, it certainly makes a difference in the overall quality of your individual vacation. However, over planning can be detrimental to a vacation in more then one way.

For example, in many cases, a Disney vacation is planned out months and sometimes years in advance. Planning in advance is great and makes a huge difference within the realm of availability and reservations both within the parks as well as at the resorts, but going overboard can have the reverse effect. 

When you have that list of everything that “has to be done” there’s no time to step back and “smell the roses”. Truth be told, that could very well be one of the greatest highlights of any Disney vacation. Next time you’re in the parks, take a minute to set all the plans aside and just listen and observe for just a few minutes. You may very well be amazed by what you observe. The busy crowds tend to fade away as they race to their next attraction and for just a few minutes you get to experience first hand, “the Disney difference”. You get to see all the details that you overlooked running from attraction to attraction, the sounds you’ve heard but never truly listened to before, and you get to witness one of the greatest aspects of a Disney vacation, the joy on the faces of those around you. 

There’s no other place in the world that so many happy people are gathered in one place. Somehow though, it doesn’t really hit you until you just take a moment to observe every little detail of what’s going on around you. It truly is an incredible feeling and it’s those memories that keep so many of us returning to Walt Disney World. When you really think about it, a Disney vacation isn't about the attractions, it isn't about the food (as good as the food really is!), and it isn't even necessarily about the place, but rather the memories that the place creates! We don't remember the wait time of our favorite attraction being two hours longer then normal, or that our hotel room wasn't perfect when we checked in. We remember the looks on the faces of the people we care the most about as they stare wide-eyed at the castle, or swim in the pool at the resort, or when they ride the monorail for the very first time. These are things that can’t be planned for, no matter how hard so many of us try. 
So, I’m not saying you should “wing it”, but rather you should take time to enjoy the simple aspects that make a Disney vacation different than a time anywhere else! That truly is the Disney difference, but it’s something you really have to experience to completely understand. I can’t guarantee that your vacation will be perfect, but I can guarantee that a Disney vacation will create memories that will last a lifetime and isn’t that what it’s all about?(picture: Walt Disney World's Boardwalk Resort)     

When Walt Disney formulated the idea for Disneyland, he didn't do it for the attractions, or even his love of trains, but rather due to an idea that he had spending time with his daughter at a run down amusement park (more on that in my next blog). His goal was to create a place where parents and kids could have fun together and when it comes right down to it, that’s what its all about. 

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