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Walt Disney World Park Bag Packing Guide
Walt Disney World Park Bag Packing Guide – Realistic Edition
by: guide4wdw - Caitlin
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Spending all day at a Walt Disney World park can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it’s your first visit. You probably have a lot of questions like, “What am I allowed to bring in?” and, “Do I really need this?” I am here today to answer these questions in a very realistic way. There are a lot of WDW packing guides out there, and they can tend to be a bit, well, dramatic. I am no expert, but I have been to the park many, many times and may have this down to a science. With that being said, let’s pack for Disney!

First up, the bag. When picking a park bag, remember, you have to carry it all day. Most people stay in the park anywhere from 8-15 hours a day (in the Florida heat). This may seem like an obvious detail, but it is very easy to get carried away and turn into the lady with the giant backpack. Do not be that person! Pick a reasonably sized cross body or mid-sized backpack that will hold all of your essentials without breaking your back. My favorite is the Vera Bradley hipster. It is roomy without being bulky and holds everything I need. Bonus: Disney sells this bag in their Mickey prints, so you can match the park!

Now, what do you really need when you’re in the parks? Avoid the urge to over pack. Stick to the essentials, and you will be fine. Keep in mind, essentials for Disney may be different than other vacations.

        Wallet: Do not bring your typical wallet to the parks. I like to bring a small I.D. holder with a little cash, a card, and my park ticket (even if I have a Magic Band). This will save space in your bag, and you can lock up your regular wallet in the hotel safe.
      Sunglasses: This is a big one. Even if you are not a regular sunglasses wearer, bring some for your Disney trip. Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason. To save space in my park bag, I like to wear my sunglasses on croakies around my neck.
       Chapstick with SPF: The Florida heat can cause sunburns in a hurry; you’ll appreciate the sunscreen after a hot day at the parks.
       Poncho: This may be the most essential Disney parks item. Orlando is notorious for random afternoon rain showers. They are not long-lived, but one good shower can ruin your mood and day. Ponchos may look ridiculous, but they are definitely necessary in Florida’s unpredictable weather. I purchase mine at the Dollar Tree; they’re cheap and packaged in conveniently small bags for travel.
        Travel-sized Sunscreen: This item is pretty self-explanatory, but important. No one wants a bright red face in all of their vacation photos.
        Water Flavoring Packets: One of the great things Disney offers is free iced water at the parks. You can go up to any counter service dining location that serves fountain soft drinks and get a free, large cup of water. I love to take flavoring packets to turn my water into something a little more appetizing. 
       Hair Ties: If you’re brave enough to wear your hair down, I can almost guarantee you’ll want a hair tie by the end of the day. 
        Travel-sized Hairspray: The attractions and humidity have a way of ruining most everyone’s hair. You won’t be sorry for packing this one.  
        Ziploc bags: I have used these several times at Disney World. It is heartbreaking to throw away a half-eaten Disney treat, and having a few Ziploc bags can salvage your delicious Mickey cookie.
        Wet wipes: These are my secret weapon for getting stains out of clothes. Mickey Ice Cream pops can get a little messy.
      Hand sanitizer: The cast members do a wonderful job of keeping the parks clean, but it’s always good to freshen up.
        Miniature Fan: It may seem silly, but you’ll be so thankful for this one. Waiting in attraction lines and for parades can be severely hot. Trust me, you won’t be the only one with a fan. 
        Medicine: I always pack typical medications, like Advil and Tylenol. If your family has other needs, but sure to take those into the park with you too.
       Band aids: Blisters and skinned knees happen. You will want to be prepared.
        Snack: Disney World is perfectly fine with its guests bringing food into the parks. It is very handy to have a snack when your stomach starts to growl while waiting for Soarin’. We all know you’ll be there for a while.

So, there you have it! My ultimate park parking list. Being prepared for your Disney vacation is important in ensuring your family has a wonderful time. Let us know if you have any Disney essentials that aren’t on this list! Happy packing!

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