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Vinylmation Takes on the Tale as Old as Time

Vinylmation Takes on the Tale as Old as Time  
by: our newest writer guide4wdw - Caitlin 
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If you’re an avid Disney World fan (like me), I can bet you have one of these little beauties in your possession, if not dozens of them. They’re shaped like Mickey, adorably designed and perfectly collectable. What more could a Disney enthusiast ask for? Of course, I’m referring to the Vinylmation Series. Before I dive into the new collection, let’s throw it back. It is Thursday, after all. 

My first experience with the Vinylmation collection was several years ago (cue the black trading box). The original appeal of these wonderfully designed figures was the guessing game and risk factor. Being closed box items, there were no returns or exchanges. This is still true today. Once opened, cast members could allow you to choose from a mystery box of other Vinylmations to trade with yours. I, along with thousands of other people, were hooked. The concept was genius, and the trading was rampant in the Disney parks. Sadly, after a few years, Disney gave up on the trading aspect of the much-loved vinyl figures. Most people believe it was due to park visitors trading “old” series into the mystery box, leaving no new and exciting trading options. Regardless of the reason, Vinylmations went through a dying out phase. Even I, a huge fan of the collections, was no longer interested. That remained true, until the newest release. (Image:

Disney brings us a new collection with the Beauty and the Beast Series 2. This series was released on August 19 and has flown off the shelves. The Disney Store website sold out early on release day and has recently been restocked. Most Disney Stores received their in-person shipments on Monday, August 22. I was lucky enough to snag two at my local store. The store I visited had 3 full boxes and 1 opened one. If you’re a newbie to the Vinylmation game, you should know that they are shipped to the stores and parks in boxed sets containing two of each design and one chaser. A tip I learned from a cast member several years ago: the chaser is usually found in one of the four corners. 

Beauty and the Beast Series 2 contains 7 known designs and 1 chaser. If you’re a Beauty and the Beast fanatic, like myself, this will be a very appealing collection. The characters are dressed in their “traditional” outfits. To me, this makes them feel more timeless and collectable. In my opinion, this set has no “duds,” which is perfect for the no return factor. I got my hands on two of them, and I may just be going back to snag a few more tomorrow. Disney hit it out of the park with the new release, and I am happy to say, I am once again a Vinylmation fan. (image:

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