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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Incredible Role of Sound Throughout the Disney Experience! : VIDEO

The Incredible Role of Sound Throughout the Disney Experience - In The Parks and Beyond! 
by: guide4wdw - Collin
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Close your eyes for a minute and picture Mainstreet U.S.A. at any of the Disney parks. The first thing that may come to mind is the view of Cinderella’s Castle, the smells that flow from the bakery, or Casey’s, or even the popcorn stand. However, there’s one more thing that truly completes the experience, the sounds that round out the sensory trifecta. Imagine a Mainstreet without sound or any one particular attraction without the music that accompanies the experience. It’s hard to picture, isn't it?

The sounds of the Disney Parks are one of the many things a majority of us take for granted. The sounds, no matter how trivial, are one of those elements that just brings a smile to the face of guests each and every day. It could be the train whistle blowing in the distance at the Magic Kingdom, the subtle tones throughout the parks, or the iconic music that helps truly bring our favorite films to life right before our very eyes. There’s just something about it that puts a smile on your face and that smile comes from the simplistic joy of experiencing something so ordinary yet so extraordinary at the same time. You can’t expect it, but you’re guaranteed to experience it. Walt Disney understood that joy that’s so very hard to put into words. 
Walt made a deliberate effort to bring in the best at what they did to make his elaborate dreams a reality in a way that no one else could get quite right. For example, Richard Sherman (renowned Disney composer and Disney Legend) tells a story of how Walt Disney called him in to his office one day and when he walked in Walt simply said he wanted to show him something. Walt led him to another part of the building and opened a door and all that was there was a room with animatronic birds. Sherman claims it was an unbelievable thing to experience as he watched the birds “come to life” right before his very eyes. When the demonstration was over, he said he was amazed but couldn't figure out what it was. Walt Disney looked at him and said I want you to write a song to explain it. (photo: wdwmagic.com) 

Being the artistic geniuses that Richard Sherman and his brother were (and still are today despite Robert’s passing), they took that simple instruction and ran with it. At this point you can imagine what that turned into later, but all it took was one song to transform animatronic birds into an attraction that later became an icon of the Disney Parks, The Enchanted Tiki Room! 

It’s amazing how one little detail of an experience makes all the difference. Richard Sherman also tells another, more well known story from the making of Mary Poppins. As most of us know, Mary Poppins was a great success, but that success came from a movie that was well rounded, original, and unique. The Sherman Brothers played a great role in creating the success of the movie through the songs that truly make the film. However, it paved the way for their role in many Disney films, but more importantly the Disney Parks.

Throughout the casting process for Mary Poppins, The Sherman Brothers were called into Walt Disney’s Studio to play music they developed and what would later become a part of the film. One of the songs Richard Sherman says that they played for Walt Disney was Feed the Birds. As they sang Walt just sat there and listened never saying a word until the song ended, then he looked up and said, “That’s the key to the whole story, isn't it?”. That very same day the contract was written for the music hiring the Sherman Brothers into the Disney Company. As Richard Sherman still claims today, “It was the best 10 years of my life!”  

During the production of the movie, he says that Walt would call him into his office and ask him to play that very same song many times. Walt would just stand there and stare out the North Window of his office until he finished. I can only imagine what must have been going through Walt’s head, and wouldn't it be incredible to know? (VIDEO: here’s the story straight from Richard Sherman) 

While that’s just an example, it just goes to show that a simple song or a simple array of sounds in the parks and beyond can create memories that you would never expect. Who knows what Walt was thinking, but I can guarantee that the music made all the difference, just as it does for each of us in the parks each and every time we go, no matter if we recognize it or not. It’s always the little things that make the biggest difference in the end. Something that Walt and the Disney Company understood and understand better than anyone. 

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